Introduction by Kevin Sampsell

Jonathan Ames * Everybody Dies in Memphis
Todd Pruzan * No Fear
Rick Moody * Automatic
Richard Rushfield * Stalker's Paradise
Elizabeth Ellen * Listen
Davy Rothbart * The Lady with the Mannequin Arm
Jonathan Lethem * Call Waiting
T Cooper * Basic Rules for Handling Your Shotgun
Monica Drake * Gymkhana
Aimee Bender * Night Trilogy
Jeff Johnson * Pre-Supper Clubbing
James Tate * Suite 1306
Lucy Thomas * It's Not Black; It's Always Darker Than That
Thorn Kief Hillsbery * What We Do is Secret
Heidi Julavits * The MacMillan Hair
Michelle Tea * Fourteenth Street
Dan Kennedy * Tonight the Muse Is In a Popular Suburban Steakhouse Franchise
Stacey Richter * A Case Study of Emergency Room Procedure and Risk
Management by Hospital Staff...
Marshall Moore * The Right Way to Eat a Bagel