We Saw a Car Crash
(Rejected Childrens Story)

My daddy and I saw a car crash when we went for a walk.

It was two cars and they were both dented and wrinkled. One
looked like a piece of aluminum foil you find in the trash. The
other one was on its side, like it was sleeping.

One of the cars said: "Oh, my eyes. I think I broke my eyes!"

It was hard to see what happened because the police cars had
blocked off the area. They told us to walk the other way but we
just moved over a little bit so we could see better.

It was funny to see one of the wheels moving on the sideways
one. It was still trying to drive I think. It was funny to look at
that wheel.

There were little pieces of glass that used to be the
windshields. The windshields were really big and then I guess
they just turned into millions of glass baby teeth. Daddy told
me to not step on the pieces, but to look at them real closely.

The wrinkled car finally said something. It was a joke, or
something funny sounding. It was like: "Oofdah... I-yi-yi." One
of the policemen shook his head and smiled.

We saw some black stuff on the ground. It was gasoline or oil.
Daddy said if someone dropped a match there would be a

We saw an ambulance drive up and a guy jumped out of the
back. He didn't really look like a doctor. He looked more like
Uncle Ray. Uncle Ray looks like the guy who came out of the
ambulance. Uncle Ray fixes cars at the garage in Brooklyn.
Maybe the guy was there to bring the cars back to life.

We saw what the sideways car looked like on the bottom.

We saw a part that was broken. Daddy said "Axle."

Daddy said the wrinkled car was a Saab, but I thought he meant
that it was full of teardrops.

We saw a man who had an owee on his head and a bunch of
toilet paper around his neck like he was trying to be a mummy.
It looked cool. I like mummies.

Three guys went up to the sideways car and pushed it back on
its other wheels. It bounced a little and said, "Hee hee hee werr
kreek." My daddy said it was a Japanese.

When we got home we ate gummy bears and potato chips. I
pretended something terrible was happening with it all.