By Karl Koweski

ISBN 1-892061-14-7
$4.95 USA $6.95 Canada

Playthings is the debut collection of stories by Alabama writer Karl Koweski. Well-known in the world of "small magazines", Koweski has stormed
the scene with numerous appearances in journals and zines the past couple of years. The stories in Playthings are like slices of demented Americana, at once aggresive and natural, freakish and dark. Koweski shows a commanding and convincing voice that give each story the mystique of an overheard myth. Not only that, they're as funny as anything you'll read this year.


Karl Koweski is a young man living and working in Alabama. His work has
flooded small press magazines for the past couple of years (Brown Bottle,
Nerve Cowboy, Unwound, Barbaric Yawp, ART:MAG, Staplegun Press, and Happy
Hour) and has even been published in "dirty" magazines. Playthings is his
first collection.

"Koweski's stories and the horny, hilarious losers who populate them, will
stay in your head for a long time. When he describes a late night joyride,
a deformed nipple, an epic bender, he gets it so right you just have to
shake your head in amazement." --Jeff Grimshaw, Crystal Drum

"Karl Koweski's writing manages to consistently pull off the mad trifecta
of being self-depreciating, critical of society and, most importantly,
funny as hell." --Scott Gordon, Staplegun Press