Kurt Eisenlohr
Meat Won't Pay My Light Bill

(a novel)

Meet Lupus Totten. A young midwestern man with two dead end jobs to support his bar binges and floundering art. He's convinced that only one thing can help him straighten out his life: winning back the love of his life, Tia Correlia, the woman who kicked him out of Chicago. Lupus constantly writes futile letters to his "only one" while waxing and
wallowing in drunken pity that borders on rapturous philosophy. Will Tia
forgive him and invite him back home? Will Lupus become a famous painter?

Or will he lose an arm in a meat grinder accident first? In this debut novel, Kurt Eisenlohr tells the hilarious and touching story of a young man trying to learn enough about love to claim it as his own. His direct poetic narrative accompanied by his own primal art makes

Meat Won't Pay My Light Bill a truly resonant experience.

Kurt Eisenlohr is a painter and bartender living in Portland, Oregon. His poetry and fiction has appeared in numerous journals and magazines including Asylum, Verbal Abuse, River Styx, Another Chicago Magazine, Cokefishing, Way Station, and Stovepiper. His chapbook, Under Hand and Over Bone was published by Alpha Beat Press in 1994. A new chapbook of his poems, is due out this year from Lummox Press. His art has been shown in many galleries and is featured on the Future Tense web site.

ISBN 1-892061-08-2
USA $13.95
Canada $15.95