Don't Take Your Life is the first book of true stories by Portland, Oregon musician and rabble rouser, Justin Maurer.  These gritty and lucid memoirs burn brightly on the page as Justin presents his eccentric father, his deaf mother, his freewheeling siblings, and a vibrant cast of co-stars. Divided into two parts, the book shifts from resonant childhood dramas to Justin’s adventures as a wide-eyed traveler. Highlights include Justin’s father explaining sex, Justin huffing gasoline as a teenager, a botched attempt at losing his virginity, pining for a Canadian beauty, getting drugged in Istanbul, and passing out in a black lesbian club in Manhattan.

Justin Maurer is as charmed as he is charming. Don’t Take Your Life is about walking into any worldwide situation without fear or guile. From being homeless in a van to getting drugged in a Turkish rug shop, you’re always rooting for Justin to come out on top. – Todd Taylor, author of Born to Rock and Shirley Wins