Black Fag
Shane Allison
ISBN 1-892061-23-6
$3.50 USA, $5 Canada

Shane Allison is a star that continues to rise in the world of provocative queer writing. This special fold-out book has 13 poems in 24 pages, with titles like Slut Machine, I’m His Nigger, and Talking Dirty to Myself. Deeply personal, abrasive, funny, and shocking, the poems seem to melt together, making Black Fag one of the most enthralling books of poetry that you’re likely to read in this day and age.

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“Shane Allison’s unprotected poetry will Japanese bukkake your mind with its forceful imagery and anal cream pie your soul with its deranged humor. There isn't another bard out there as raw, ribald, or randy.”
~Jarret Keene, author of Monster Fashion

“Shane Allison is often described as “the Black Antler”--a great name for a superhero but a disservice to both Allison and Antler. Why? Because both super superfag poets have a voice that is honest-to-goddess unique. There is only one Antler. And only one Shane Allison.”
~Ian Philips, author of Satyriasis: Literotica 2

“Black Fag is super-size sodas and cheeseburgers at the Dairy Queen,
a denim crotch and an open zipper, jealous boyfriends and anonymous lovers, and dirty messages on your answering machine—like real life.”
~Greg Wharton, author of Johnny Was & Other Tall Tales

“The wide range of Shane Allison’s poetic talents tend to defy brief
description; each poem seems a complete universe into itself. Both his wordsmithing and sentiments are flawless, a complete construction, display, and deconstruction of the author's mind.”
~Jonathan Penton,
Shane Allison’s poems and stories have been published in Mississippi Review, New Delta Review, Oyster Boy Review, Suspect Thoughts, Velvet Mafia, Absinthe Literary Review, Shampoo, Open Wide, and anthologies such as Wild and Willing, Seduced 2, Flesh Made Fantasy, Touched by Eros, and Coloring Book: Poetry and Fiction from Multicultural Writers.
He lives in Florida, has schooled in New York, and can be reached at for marriage proposals.

I’m His Nigger

In a dark booth of full on lust
The two of us in heat like wild wolves
He takes my stinkin’ cock in his mouth
Tender skin grating against teeth
The two of us in heat like wild wolves
Under the influence of booze
As tender skin grates against his teeth
I’m his banjee boy behind a latch-lock door of lust
Stumbling over myself under the influence of booze
In my rhinestone-studded bandana, the Ray-ban sun glasses,
I’m his nigger behind a latch-lock door of lust.
He thinks I got a Mandingo dick
With a rhinestone-studded cock ring;
bloodshot eyes behind Ray ban sunglasses
He’s a drunken bitch in red Chuck Taylor’s;
Who thinks I got a Mandingo dick
But I’m just punch drunk as shit off vodka tonics.
I’m his b-boy fantasy, tonight:
His face smothered like pork chops in my groin
His flammable breath singes the hairs
As I cringe to his teeth grazing tender skin,
Face smothered in musty pubes.
“You like that, nigger?” he asks,
As I cringe to his teeth grazing tender meat
In a partition that reeked of poppers,
I’m his nigger
Fucking the face of this punch drunk pussy boy
While I cringe to teeth breaking the skin of tender meat
Until I couldn’t take the pain
Of this punch-drunk pussy boy
Who couldn’t suck a dick for shit.
Broke the skin from its tender meat
As I suffered in agony for a blowjob of any sort.